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Liam Walshe provides select appearances before the Ontario Court of Justice on Provincial Offences Act and Criminal matters, including set dates.  By using Liam Walshe Paralegal Services, you can expect reliable coverage of your matters.


Contact Liam Walshe to discuss your specific needs


Locations served include:


Mississauga (ICON 3161)

Brampton (ICON 3160 and 3111)

Old City Hall (ICON 4860 and 4811)

College Park (ICON 4817)

1000 Finch Avenue West (ICON 4814)

2201 Finch Avenue West (ICON 4815)

2700 Eglinton West, Toronto (ICON 4862)

311 Jarvis Street, Toronto (ICON 4821)

Burlington Provincial Offences - 4685 Palladium Way, Burlington (ICON 1260)


Additionally, services in Minden can, in some cases, be provided with advance notice.  Criminal court takes place once a month in Minden, usually on the first Wednesday.


Pricing is provided upon consultation, and may vary depending on various factors, including, but not limited to:

The location, the volume of matters, the timing of the request, and other factors that are determined at the time.  This service is NOT covered by Legal Aid, but the fact that a matter is a Legal Aid matter may have an effect on the pricing.


With the current Legal Aid situation, I am aware that this has made things more difficult for some matters.  As such, I will always try my best to offer reasonable pricing on Legal Aid matters where it is possible.


Please note:


-  A review of each Provincial Offences matter takes place prior to it being accepted.  For matters to be resolved, all possible resolutions will be explored at that time.  Non-resolvable matters requiring a trial are not accepted at this time, and will be referred to another practitioner.


- "Sub-of-sub" matters are NOT accepted.  Any sub-agent that has carriage of a file must have the original Counsel/Paralegal of record contact me to request coverage and provide written instructions.


- 78.1 Handheld Device matters are NOT accepted at this time, except where:


a. It is an Early Resolution matter that is being set for trial (Mississauga, Toronto, or Burlington); or


b. It is in Brampton (3160) for an individual with no prior convictions for HTA 78.1 (1) or (2) OR 32 (9) and is a Part I matter that is set for Early Resolution, and a signed authorization form for a plea to a substitute charge if available - with authorization for a fine of up to $1000.00 - is provided.  Where this is not possible, a trial date will be set.